The Map That Never Faces the Sun What’s the first thing you want to do after a really long day? Take off your shoes sit down and maybe some wine right. Besides the yummy alcohol, ever wonder why it feels so good to be shoeless, to rub the bottom of your feet and have that […]

Grip Strength Correlates to Health When talking about the grip strength we need to understand what anatomical structures we are referring to. Which we can break down in; Forearm muscles Hand/Finger muscles Both of these will make up grip strength. Making sure that we train every single one of these is going to be vital for […]

Vegan Science Immune Solution is a natural product that will boost your immune system.  The benefits of having a healthy immune system are often not thought about until a person gets sick with the common cold/flu. Why is so important to take our supplements Every day? Everyday our immune system is bombarded with antigens or […]

This is a topic I couldn’t wait to cover! How low should you go? Is the butt wink normal? Should the knees past the toes? How wide of a stance should you take? Where should the knees be pointing? These are all questions I’ve been asked, seen tons of youtube videos on and keep on […]